Five crucial pointers to help you squeeze EVERY POSSIBLE PHONE CALL when you’re advertising in the Yellow Pages!


Before Max-Effect Yellow Page Ad Design

Yellow Page shoppers are ready to buy… Now! All they want to know is “who should I buy from?” Follow these Yellow Page design tips and you’ll prove that choosing your business is the only smart choice.

  • The Attraction – You need to create a design, that will catch the readers’ eye.
  • The Message – Every customer is buying with their emotions, so create a unique headline that will ignite their emotional behavior.
  • The Method – Your story in the Yellow Pages must be concise, unique while eliminating all the generic phrases that are boring the readers.
  • After Max-Effect Yellow Page Ad Design

    The image – Your Yellow Page ad needs to bring a new customer base. You need to carefully think out the whole design, including body copy, headline, artwork, typography, and photography.

  • The Conviction – Your ad should create confidence, trust, and credibility.