If your vision improvement instrument of choice is contact lenses, which you prefer over the other choice of eyeglasses, then it’s important that you learn how to pick the correct type to suit your needs.

I know you might think that this is an easy task and that you’ll be able to pick the first pair of contacts that come along.

But that’s really not that true…

As a matter of fact, there are different types of defining and enhancing lenses and different reasons why you might want to use the various types.

So, instead of choosing a contact lens that really isn’t perfectly suitable for you, you would be much better off learning about them and making a truly informed decision.

Since I know quite a bit about this topic, I wanted to share as much information as I can so that you too can learn about the various types and reasons why they exist.

With that said, let’s get into the meat of the details right now…

What’s the First Thing I Need to Look at When Picking Contact Lenses for Vision Correction?

For starters, you need to be aware that there are all different types and styles contact lenses available for you to choose.

One of the main reasons why people choose contact lenses over eyeglasses is that they are more comfortable and they aren’t as much of a hassle as eyeglasses.

You see, when you have eyeglasses you constantly have to clean them, if you drop them you have to worry about scratching up the lenses, they are very easy to smudge so you’ll have to constantly wipe them on your shirt or with a cloth, and they are just an all-around pain in the neck for many people.

With contact lenses, you eliminate all of the problems mentioned above since you’re putting them directly in your eye and you don’t have to worry about smudges, your lenses falling off your head only to get stepped on, or anything like that.

So the first thing you have to do when making your choice for contact lenses is very simple…

You have to speak with an expert to find out which type will be best for your eyes.

So obviously, the first place to go would be to your local eye Doctor or eye care specialist.

You don’t necessarily need to buy your contact lenses from them, but you must make an initial consultation to learn about your vision problems and get a prescription for your lenses.

Once the eye doctor determines the type of lenses you need, you will then have to make the choice of which lenses you feel will be perfect for you.

You basically have two main types of contact lenses that you can choose from, and they are… Soft contact lenses or hard contact lenses.

For some people, this could very well be a difficult decision, and for others, it shouldn’t be that tough at all.

In order to help you make this decision much easier, I would like to provide information that describes both types of lenses.

Please explain the difference between soft contact lenses and hard contact lenses

Okay, now it’s time to begin the explanation. We’ll start with soft contact lenses.

Soft Contact Lenses – this style of lens is quite preferable to many people who wear them. The main reason being… They provide exceptional comfort when you put them on your eyes.

One of the interesting things about them is that they are comfortable water gradient contact lenses and are very rarely noticed. You would be hard-pressed to find somebody who can definitively say that they see the soft lenses when they look in your eyes.

They use a specific type of flexible plastic material to make soft contact lenses, and this material is of the highest quality.

As well, if you are looking to buy colored contact lenses or just highly fashionable lenses, then this is the specific type that you should choose.

Soft lenses are used in all of the best contact lenses available today. Trust me when I tell you… you will really like this style of lens.

Hard Contact Lenses – if you were looking to describe hard contact lenses, the best way to do so would be to call them semi-rigid and permeable.

One thing that most people get wrong is they call them plastic, but they actually aren’t made of plastic at all. The lens is honestly made of glass.

These lenses are best when needed for correcting vision or to help when reading.

There’s another type of lens for dry eyes, and that is the silicon contact lens. Let’s take a look…

Silicon Contact Lenses – if your eyes are very dry and uncomfortable when wearing other contact lenses, then the silicon choice is best for you.

They are the latest trend in contact lenses, and since they are made of permeable high oxygen material, they are very good for your cornea and quite comfortable all at the same time.