Businesses succeed through advertising. An old adage may apply here, but does one have to spend money to make money with Internet advertising?

Online Advertising or Traditional Media

Presenting a product or service to consumers successfully also means reaching a target market and capturing it. The advertising medium used will go a long way in determining the success or failure of that effort. Internet advertising offers built-in advantages over traditional media, such as TV, radio, or print.

Internet Advertising Offers Low-Cost Solutions

TV advertising campaigns are usually based on the number of ads run over a given time period. Online advertising, including multi-media campaigns, is normally based on the time frame itself — a week, a month, or a year. Since some online advertisers offer services for less than $50 per month, and social networking is free, online advertisers can prove far cheaper for small business owners.

Online Advertising Offers Target Marketing

Should your advertising campaign be aimed at corporate clients or the Y generation? The traditional TV 24-54 age bracket or baby boomers? Online advertising using vast selection of SEO marketing services can zero in on a target audience as little or as large as a business needs because such a multi-media action plan can be hooked into search engines, social networking, or linked to related websites.

Internet Advertising Can be Hassle-Free

All that’s required is a personal computer, as well as some knowledge and innovation in developing a website and a related Internet advertising campaign. A business owner can launch the website, search for an online advertiser, and check the status or ROI of an Internet ad day or night — all from the convenience of home or the office.

Online Advertising is Easy to Update

Whereas traditional media may need to be updated periodically with a fresh copy, video, or information, online advertising can run for quite some time without any need to be changed. If that need arises, an update may be very minimal and can easily be done from home.

Internet Advertising Disadvantages

Online advertising can be limited in scope and may only capture a limited audience, even though it may be targeted that way on purpose. A multi-media campaign may be desired if a wider reach is needed. The average consumer still relies heavily on traditional media as a means of gathering information, although that trend is rapidly changing.

There also may be additional advertising, inexpensive vs. costly Internet ads methods involved if a business owner chooses to enlist the assistance of a professional to design the website or ad agency to run the PPC advertising campaign. However, writing articles, affordable website marketing made easy, is always an affordable place to start.

Like TV, radio, and print audience declines and the number of newspaper subscribers continue to plummet, business owners will increasingly seek out Internet advertising to reach consumers. However, savvy business owners already know the trends and maintain a careful balance between the Internet and traditional media advertising – with the bulk of their ad budgets online.