There’s a reason why your ads aren’t pulling. Let us help you!

Yellow Pages advertising is one of most effective revenue-generating tools for any marketer or entrepreneur out there. Contrary to what most people may think, people still turn to the Yellow Pages to find something they need, and if your Yellow Pages ads are done right, you will hit your sales goals in no time. However, your ad campaigns can be a colossal waste of money, if you have no clue what you’re doing.

What could you be doing wrong?

Ad creation requires the skills of a professional. When in the past you would just order your ads and let the people from Yellow Pages do everything, from ad creation to publishing your publishing ads, that haphazard approach to marketing your business just won’t cut it anymore. Why? Your competitors just got wiser and bolder. They realized what you’ve been ignoring.

The folks from Yellow Pages are salespeople and publishers. They are NOT ad designers. What they do is sell you ads and then publish your ads in their phone books. They are not in the business of creating ads geared towards keeping your brand or business top-of-mind. They don’t really care whether or not your ad captures people’s attention with memorable graphics or compelling copy. They don’t really care if you get ahead of your competitors or if your Yellow Pages ad brings more customers to your door.

Once your Yellow Pages publisher sells you an ad, you are losing money on a non-cancelable contract. Think of it as a bottomless pit of wasted advertising money. The longer your ads run, the more money you’ll lose.

So never, EVER entrust the design of your Yellow Pages ad to your advertising vendor. Find a creative partner who understand your company’s vision and goals.

What can MaxEffect Yellow Page Ad Design do for you?

At MaxEffect, we follow a simple philosophy. Each and every Yellow Pages ad we design needs to outperform the competition and rake in sales or our clients will lose time and money. Consumers are not looking for the second-best Yellow Pages advertisement!

Our guarantee is that every client will have a compelling, phone-ringing, and revenue-generating ad. We will communicate with you, educate you on the latest Yellow Pages advertising trends, deliver an ad that reflects your brand, and add value to your overall marketing efforts.

How do our advertising design specialists ensure success? We strictly adhere to the Principles of Design. The creative use of the basic elements of art and copywriting, in addition to professional graphic design tools, help us connect you with your prospects through tailored messaging and attention-grabbing visuals. Through the magnetic, perfectly executed Yellow Pages ad we will design for you, your phones will be ringing all day. Imagine how that will positively impact your business’ bottom line!