How to write compelling ad copy

A compelling ad is one of the most effective internet marketing tools. When you are able to come up with ads that sell, your business will start hitting your sales goals in no time. Businesses with virtually unlimited advertising budget tap the services of advertising professionals for their ad requirements. Great, right? But the truth is, not every business owner has the budget for that. Small business owners need to learn how to create ads that sell.

1. Grab people’s attention with your headline

You only have a few seconds to attract people with your headline. So make sure that your headline is attention-grabbing enough to engage your prospects. Your headline should reflect people’s goal – what they need and want or a solution to a problem. For example, if someone has a serious weight problem, he or she is most likely to click on an ad with a headline that says, “Lose weight fast – NOW!”

2. Show proof of your credibility

Fact: People will buy from businesses they can trust. When writing your copy, take time to convey that they will be dealing with an establishment with years of experience in the industry. You can include where you are based and how long have you been operating. There’s a reason for those “Est. _____” texts you often find in print ads and logos. If your small business received awards or certifications, include them as well because those things are proof of your credibility. Showing proof of your credibility will remove any doubts and convince people to try your product.

3. Use testimonials effectively

When done right, testimonials can really move your business to greater heights. It is a very effective advertising and marketing strategy that business owners should take advantage of. Why? When people hear or read great things about what you’re selling, they will be persuaded to make a purchase. When including testimonials in your ad, ensure that everything is believable. Include photos or video clips whenever possible.

4. Evoke emotions through your ad copy

Skilled advertising and marketing professionals use emotional triggers in the copies that they write. People are driven by emotions. And emotional states affect decisions. When you are able to appeal to people’s emotions, they will be enticed to react in ways that will positively impact your business.

5. Spur people to take action with compelling call to action statements

Your CTA or call to action statement will give your sales pitch that extra push. Use exciting and powerful language like “buy NOW” or “Get your FREE ____ today!”. Communicate a sense of urgency, and encourage them to act immediately to enjoy big savings. By writing killer CTAs, you will be able to bring in more sales!

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