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MaxEffect Yellow Page Ad Design BBB Business Review

"I was hesitant to pay someone else to create a Yellow Page ad..."
After having an ad designed by another company I was hesitant to pay someone else to create a Yellow Page ad for our company. Once I received our MaxEffect ads I knew they would be a hit. The ads have been great! Our customers say they are the best ads in the book! John did a great job representing our company with the information I sent him. Thanks John.
Will Blanton
President, Blanton's Heating & A/C Corp.
Fayetteville, NC

"I thought the phone book designers were just fine... Wow, was I wrong!"

I really want to thank you for the Yellow Page ad you created for us. My law partner wanted to hire someone to develop an ad for our firm and I thought the phone book designers were just fine, with my input. Wow, was I wrong! Your work is heads above what I have ever seen from the phone book people. Individuals that see the ad you created, love it!
Nancy White
Partner, White & Stradley, LLP
Raleigh, NC

"The following year, my competitors tried to do something similar..."

Nothing is more flattering than imitation. The following year my competitors tried to do something similar. It was obvious they didn't call you to do the work. My Yellow Page ad stands head & shoulders above all the others. Thanks MaxEffect!
Charles R. Barnes
President, United Alarm Systems
Endicott, NY

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Yellow Page Advertising Design Response Increases of 20-60%
That's not hype, that's my client's historical average - after I've subtracted out my real home runs. (I want to present you the typical and expected, instead of just hyping a few best-case scenarios)


Design Makes the Difference!

Response BEFORE MaxEffect Yellow Page Ad Design
2 out of 10
Response AFTER MaxEffect Yellow Page Ad Design
8 out of 10

This before-and-after example illustrates how a custom Yellow Page ad design can profoundly impact your Yellow Page advertising ROI. If you want your next Yellow Page ad to be SEEN, get READ and be CALLED, think twice about using generic publisher-designed ads or bargain-basement template ads. Listen to what "the world's foremost expert on Yellow Pages advertising" has to say...

The Bible of Yellow Pages Ad Design
And Why it Matters to Your Ad.

Kerry Randall is a legend in the Yellow Page advertising industry - one of the first to discover and proclaim that design and strategy are the most important drivers of an ad's success.

Effective Yellow Pages
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on

In fact, his American Bar Association publication, Effective Yellow Pages Advertising for Lawyers, is one of the the most widely referenced and quoted in the industry, a veritable "Bible" of Yellow Page ad design and strategy.

So we felt fortunate when Kerry came to us with a challenging Yellow Page ad design project for one of his attorney clients. And, we were especially honored when Kerry Randall sought our suggestions for his revised edition of Effective Yellow Pages Advertising for Lawyers.

Collaborating with Kerry, it became apparent that we shared many of the same principles of effective Yellow Page ad design. In order for your Yellow Page ad to work powerfully, you must:

  • Laser-target your message on your most desired prospects
  • Study and understand your competitors, know your potential customers needs and wants even better
  • Stop readers dead-in-their-tracks with compelling images and distinctive graphic design
  • Develop engaging headlines and body copy that clearly differentiate you from competitors in a meaningful way
  • Present your prospects a unique visual presentation that is both inviting to the eye and effortless to navigate

Walking the Walk, vs. Talking the Talk.

Kerry was also quick to share his thoughts with us about the many self-proclaimed Yellow Page ad design experts on the Internet - many of whom are quick to quote his book!

"There really are just too many people creating content and designing ads who have no idea 'or all the wrong ideas' about what works in the Yellow Pages."

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that every dollar you invest in the Yellow Pages generates the maximum return possible. Choosing a certified Yellow Page ad design specialist with a proven track record is a good place to start.

The bottom line? You can trust your Yellow Page ad design to self-styled experts who quote Kerry Randal, or you can trust your next Yellow Page ad to the same company that Kerry did.

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You can relax... Our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and unique Money PLUS Guarantee means your investment is worry-free. If you're not utterly delighted, you'll receive a 100% refund PLUS we'll pay YOU for your time... no questions asked!

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MaxEffect Yellow Page Ad Design BBB Business Review

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